As a member of WealthSeed, our goal is to give you access to the tools that will help you manage your money and connect you to investment professionals who can help you build wealth.

In order to help you set up an investment program with our partner IQvestment that meets your unique needs, you will be asked to answer a series of questions.

Why are you investing?

  1. Invest for Retirement (starting new or accelerating your savings)
  2. Invest for a Specific Purpose (perhaps buying a home in the next few years)
  3. Start Investing for the first time (not sure of timing)
  4. Teach me about investing and then help me get started

In addition to helping IQvestment set up your investment program, these questions will ensure that you are only offered investments that are suitable for your individual circumstances and tolerance for risk.

These questions have been designed by the professionals at IQvestment, based on regulatory requirements designed to help the advisor understand your tolerance for risk and match you with the appropriate investment portfolio.

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