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To help you grow your wealth, your way, we have linked our platform to IQvestment, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor* offering a range of automated, intelligent investment portfolios designed to help you meet your financial goals.

It’s simple. You make regular contributions, IQVestment invests your money and gives you the tools to keep track of it.

See how smart investing can work for you.

Our Mission

WealthSeed has partnered with experienced investment professionals, and SEC Registered Investment Advisors, at IQvestment to invest your money as you work towards achieving financial security. They will help you design and maintain a suitable investment program for your situation. They offer:

  • Fiduciary Commitment –they put your needs first and provide investments that meet your goals
  • The Power of Advanced Analytics, Data and Technology –with dynamic, data-driven portfolio management
  • Low Fees** – that let you keep more of your hard-earned money

Dynamic Investing

The portfolios recommend by IQvestment are designed to meet your stated risk tolerance. As market conditions change dynamically, it is important to make sure your portfolio is actively adjusted to help manage risk and keep you on track to meet your objectives.

IQvestment uses a sophisticated technology combined with data informed research to manage its investment products.

Quarterly, IQvestment applies proprietary risk analytics and metrics to create professionally curated portfolios called Adaptive Dynamic Portfolios (ADPs).

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Low Fees Help Your Wealth Grow

By choosing low-fee mutual funds, ETFs and Index funds, in portfolios managed dynamically using data models,

IQvestment is able to offer you high-quality investment programs with low fees.

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Become an Intelligent Investor

WealthSeed and IQvestment make investing easy for you – with professionally curated portfolios made simple and affordable with cutting edge technology. Through WealthSeed, you’ll be able to view your investments and manage your ongoing contributions.

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